Paddington's Toy Mi-Kis

The Mi-Ki (pronounced "me-key") is a rare toy breed. Anyone who is fortunate enough to own one already knows that Mi-Kis are one of the most precious, loving gifts on Earth and how lucky he or she is to own one.

The average size of an adult Mi-Ki is 5 - 8 pounds. Having hair instead of fur, the shedding is minimal and grooming is a breeze, taking only 20 or so minutes. They are the sweetest, most lovable little things. Other admirable traits are their calmness and intelligence, needless to say how adorable and irresistable they are.

Mi-Kis are true and devoted companions whether at home or away. They love to travel! When going out for the day, Mi-Kis fit comfortably in a large handbag and loving it, putting their little paws at the top of the bag and peeking their cute little head out. Because of their calm demeanor, everybody's first impression -- "is it real?". Meeting a Mi-Ki is love at first just can't help yourself.

Mi-Kis are loving to everyone -- children through adults -- and are even compatible with cats and other dogs of all sizes. With their personalities and demure quietness, they make excellent therapy dogs. Mi-Kis bring joy to everyone they come in contact with.

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• Our puppies are healthy, happy and truly raised in our home as part of the family
• Written health guarantee, registration and pedigree given
• First puppy vaccination, health certificate and certified OFA (patellas) by licensed veterinarian
• DNA profile available upon request
• Parents of puppies certified by a canine ophthalmologist
• Quality puppies that meet the breed standard from Champion and Multi-Champion lines
• Deluxe puppy pack includes soft-sided carrier for your traveling needs
• We welcome you to visit us
• Private individual courier available if needed
• Dedicated Mi-Ki breeder with support available for you at all times
• Puppies occasionally

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